Ludlow group

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Lud´low group`

n.1.(Geol.) A subdivision of the British Upper Silurian lying below the Old Red Sandstone; - so named from the Ludlow, in Western England. See the Chart of Geology.
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The Kokomo Limestone Member of the Wabash Formation, Salina Group, is of late Silurian age, latest Ludlovian to early Pridolian (middle Cayugan) (Shaver et al.
Restudy of graptolite collections of Decker (1942, 1952) from nearby wells in Crane County, Texas, indicates that dark shales (Frame Member) previously assigned to the Silurian, range from the Ludlovian (Silurian) into the Pragian (Early Devonian).
It is disconformably overlain by the Ludlovian Bryant Point Formation, which is composed of greyish-green to maroon, locally highly porphyritic and amygdaloidal basaltic flows with plagioclase phenocrysts up to 3 cm in length.
The stratigraphical position of Kaarma dolomites in the Estonian Ludlovian sequence.
Pickerill (1976) suggested, by comparison to the Maine section, that the Waweig Formation is also likely of latest Ludlovian to Pridolian age, although Salopina, by itself, is not definitive of a Late Silurian age.
A faulted, moderately southeast-dipping homoclinal sequence occurs north of the Saint George Batholith and contains Ludlovian and Pridolian units (Fyffe et al.