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Noun1.Johann Ludwig Uhland - German romantic poet (1787-1862)
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Announcement of the delivery of lunch and the settlement with the parents for the students in the hort (1 to 5 class) at the ludwig uhland school in heimsheim
Authors such as Friederich Schiller, Ludwig Uhland, Emanuel Geibel, Karl Gerok, and Josef Eichendorff were among the favorites.
This study examines Brahms's settings of texts drawn from Ludwig Uhland's (1787-1862) Wanderlieder cycle in light of how some nineteenth-century composers created new text cycles using its poems as a framework.
1 "Sonntagsmorgen" (Johann Ludwig Uhland) Sunday Morning.
This is an excellent choice from the late romantic period and has beautiful Strauss melodies and effects depicting the romantic moods of this Ludwig Uhland poem, "The Castle by the Sea." Sweeping arpeggios and horn-like melodies in the piano give us the rare opportunity of experiencing the Strauss tone poems or operas in a chamber music setting.
One of the first things you see upon entering the headquarters of Zeutschel GmbH, in the German town of Tubingen, is a stone slab engraved with the words of the German poet, Johann Ludwig Uhland: "Paper, as everyone knows, is only like Leaves, torn by the Wind and destroyed by the Spark." "Like the poet," says Joerg Vogler, one of Zeutschel's two CEOs, "libraries and archives all over the world have long had to live with the fact that invaluable books and ancient documents can be lost forever.