Luffa cylindrica

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Noun1.Luffa cylindrica - the loofah climber that has cylindrical fruit
dishcloth gourd, rag gourd, sponge gourd, strainer vine, luffa - any of several tropical annual climbers having large yellow flowers and edible young fruits; grown commercially for the mature fruit's dried fibrous interior that is used as a sponge
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The most characteristic symptoms of the disease on Luffa cylindrica are leaf curling, yellow spot on the newly emerged leaves, chlorosis and mosaic (Tiwari et al.
Conversely, the leaves of some plants such as Basella rubra (as laxative), Ipomoea aquatica (enhance proper blood circulation in anemic), Ipomoea batatas (for diabetics), and Erythrina variegata (promotes sleep in person with insomnia) as well as the fruit of Cucurbita maxima (in diabetics) and Luffa cylindrica (for hypertension and hepatitis) should be cooked first and eaten as vegetable.
Methanolic extract of Luffa cylindrica fruits show antihyperglycemic potential in Swiss albino mice.
Luffa cylindrica Linn, commonly known as Loofah is an annual plant commonly found in the tropics including Nigeria and the seed contains about 30% oil (Bamgboye and Oniya, 2012).
These include date stone [17], Tamarindus indica [18], vegetal cord [19], banana peel [20], palm seed coat [21], oil palm empty fruit bunch [22], date pit [23], black stone cherries [24], vetiver roots [25], sugarcane bagasse [26], and Luffa cylindrica [27].
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Hydrolytic treatment of Luffa Cylindrica (LC) for reducing sugars producing
Cucurbitaceae plants tribes that have been reported among other things provide antibacterial activity of Luffa cylindrica (= Belustru) and Benincosa hispida (= Beligo).
Barcino Cannaceae Canna indica Achira, achirilla Chloranthaceae Hedyosmum cumbalense Granizo Combretaceae Terminalia catappa Almendro Coriariaceae Coriaria ruscifolia Cucurbitaceae Cucurbita moschata Zapallo Luffa cylindrica Estropajo Cunoniaceae Weinmannia mariquitae Encenillo Weinmannia pinnata Encenillo Weinmannia pubescens Encenillo Cupressaceae Cupressus lusitanica Pino, cipres Cyatheaceae Alsophila erinacea Palma boba, helecho Cyathea divergens Palma boba, helecho Cyclanthaceae Asplundia sp.
Cortical aerenchyma formation in hypocotyls and adventitious roots of Luffa cylindrica subjected to soil flooding.