Luffa cylindrica

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Noun1.Luffa cylindrica - the loofah climber that has cylindrical fruit
dishcloth gourd, rag gourd, sponge gourd, strainer vine, luffa - any of several tropical annual climbers having large yellow flowers and edible young fruits; grown commercially for the mature fruit's dried fibrous interior that is used as a sponge
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Jha, In-vitro Anthelmintic Activity of Luffa cylindrica Leaves in Indian Adult Earthworm, J.
The loofah sponge (Luffa cylindrica) is a plant of the Cucurbitaceae family, presenting a very complex fibrous complex, composed of cellulose (60%), hemicellulose (30%) and lignin (10%), with its length varying from 15 cm to 1,5 m (Papanicolaou et al., 2015).
Besides the above mentioned pollen types, other frequent pollen types were Alangium salviifolium, Citrus x aurantiifolia, Citrus maxima, Croton bonplandianum, Cyanotis axillaris, Luffa cylindrica, Neolamarckia cadamba and Trema orientalis.
moschata Duch.ex Poir) followed by sponge gourd (Luffa cylindrica L.) rootstock could be identified as best rootstocks for grafting with bitter gourd scions due to characteristics like graft affinity, compatibility and vigorous root system which help to increase growth, yield and productivity without any quality defeat.
sativa) for the second situation, and bath sponge (Luffa cylindrica L.) for the third situation; however, no plant was available for the fourth situation.
When I grew the small Luffa cylindrica the vines started off slow and then anchored themselves not only on the trellises but also the surrounding trees.
In the Mediterranean region, especially in Tunisia, Luffa cylindrica (LC) is a promising lignocellulosic feedstock for 2G bioethanol recovery [1].
The most characteristic symptoms of the disease on Luffa cylindrica are leaf curling, yellow spot on the newly emerged leaves, chlorosis and mosaic (Tiwari et al., 2012).