Luigi Pirandello

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Noun1.Luigi Pirandello - Italian novelist and playwright (1867-1936)
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A riff on Luigi Pirandello's similarly titled 1921 play, Shores' "Six Characters in Search of a Play" is about six individuals he met in real life who have made their way into one of his plays, films or TV shows.
It's a fascinating plot which reminds theatre-goers of one of Italian playwright Luigi Pirandello's famous works (the makers of the play refer to in the brochure for the play).
He said this play is not mere comedy, it also has romance, suspense and the interplay of reality and illusion which is characteristic of the great Italian playwright Luigi Pirandello.
Esce nel 2017, con la casa editrice Metauro, il lavoro dello studioso Giuseppe Faustini, Luigi Pirandello. Studi e ricerche.
Originally written by Luigi Pirandello in 1921 (and translated into Filipino by Rody Vera), the play is known to be deliberately frustrating-perhaps too much, for some-but immersive direction from Tony Mabesa and a slew of bold performances make this a particularly effective rendition of the material.
This inverted logic of observer and observed, subject and object, was replicated in the two-channel video itself, whose title, Four Characters in Search of a Random Exit (all works 2017), obviously alludes to Luigi Pirandello's Six Characters in Search of an Author (1921).
La soiree de vernissage sera meublee et ponctuee par la presentation de la piece de theatre [beaucoup moins que]lmssida[beaucoup plus grand que], tiree de la piece [beaucoup moins que]les regles du jeu[beaucoup plus grand que] du geant de la dramaturgie, l'ecrivain italien Luigi Pirandello, par la troupe El Badaoui.
Any lovers of the avant-garde must watch L'atessa (The Wait), released in 2015, which is loosely based on Luigi Pirandello's work.