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Noun1.Luis Bunuel - Spanish film director (1900-1983)
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About Cannes, Moritz recalled: "When the old Palais was still standing and the [adjacent] Blue Bar was an important meeting place during the Cannes Film Festival, I negotiated with [Mexican producer] Gustavo Alatriste for German-speaking rights for his latest film Viridiana by [director] Luis Bunel. Being careful, I asked for and obtained a signed five-point deal on the back of the [Blue Bar's] menu.
A minor actress, she may or may not have worked as a foot double, wearing, among other shoes, an iconic pair of black ankle boots that figure prominently in a film by the Spanish surrealist Luis Bunel, Diary of Chambermaid.
At the start of Luis Bunel's 1929 surrealist classic Un chien andalou, the image of the woman's eye intersected, first, by a passing cloud and then by a knife's blade might stand as a useful homology for the vexed linkings between female vision and a generative liberating of unconscious impulses that Waid finds among so many Faulkner characters.