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Noun1.Lulli - French composer (born in Italy) who was the court composer to Louis XIV and founded the national French opera (1632-1687)
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Among those I was able to greet were Judy Roxas, DFA head Teddy Boy Locsin, former President Gloria Arroyo and daughter Lulli, former Speaker Joe de Venecia and wife, former Rep.
Gia nel primi anni del Seicento il personaggio delia maga innamorata ha sollecitato librettisti e compositori italiani ed esteri: celebre fu l'Armide di Lulli e Quinault (1686) che per secoli venne considerata il modello di riferimento.
Dell'Olmo and Lulli (2003) [21] proposed a two-level structure for air traffic management by establishing a mathematical model; the structure, which considered the aircraft traffic flow and the capacity limit of the operational route, was based on the static route network of the aircraft traffic flow and the distribution of traffic flow.
"Giovan Battista Lulli, italiano suo malgrado", in Musicisti toscani.
Prunieres completed his dissertation in 1913 and saw it published the same year as the successful book L'Opera italien en France avant Lulli (Paris: E.
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Lu Gattone, le gros chat, c'est Mario Lulli. Il a de belles moustaches et prepare de formidables raviolis aux champignons et a la truffe.