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Noun1.Lulli - French composer (born in Italy) who was the court composer to Louis XIV and founded the national French opera (1632-1687)
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Giovan Battista Lulli, italiano suo malgrado", in Musicisti toscani.
Prunieres completed his dissertation in 1913 and saw it published the same year as the successful book L'Opera italien en France avant Lulli (Paris: E.
With: Raf Vallone, Lucia Bose, Folco Lulli, Maria Grazia Francia, Dante Maggio, Michele Ricciardini, Vincenzo Talarico, Pietro Tordi, Attilio Torelli, Giacomo Sticca, Maddalena Di Trocchio, Giuseppina Corona, Angelina Chiusano, Tommaso Di Gregorio, Giovanni Paparella, Vincenzo Jannone, and Vincenzo Taicone (all shepherds from Querce, a district of Fondi).
Los singulares avances en la edicion de la obra latina (Raimundi Lulli Opera Latina, ROL) y catalana (Nova Edicio de les obres de Ramon Hull, NEORL), auspiciados por numerosas tesis en filologia, asi como otras tantas en filosofia y teologia, y demas materias como la medicina o el derecho, han permitido un conocimiento mucho mas amplio de Llull.
In the past, conjectures with numbers of such magnitude would require a computer lab, a programming language, and a carefully written set of syntax (Donahue, 1984; Lulli, 1983).
Castrignano A, Goovaerts P, Lulli L, Bragato G (2000) A geostatistical approach to estimate probability of occurrence of Tuber melanosporum in relation to some soil properties.
It included what would become a hallmark of his contributions: he demonstrated that two specimens held by two different institutions and said to be from different states (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) were, in fact, part and partial counterpart of the same specimen, the type of the ichnospecies Chirotherium lulli, most likely made by pseudosuchian reptiles and collected from Milford, New Jersey.
En este mismo contexto, Marie-Claude Canova-Green (Universidad de Londres) dedico atencion particular a las fiestas celebradas en los jardines de Versalles en 1664, 1668 y 1674, en que se representaron obras de Moliere y Lulli con ingeniosas escenografias de Vigarani.
Echauffe de la composition de cet ouvrage j'avois une grande passion de l'entendre, et j'aurois donne tout au monde pour le voir representer a ma fantaisie, a portes fermees, comme on dit que Lulli fit une fois jouer Armide pour lui seul.
Screenplay, Davide Lantieri, Johnson, with the collaboration of Renzo Lulli.
Physically inactive people cost $1,543 more in annual medical costs, and miss 3 1/2 more days of work each year," says Linda Lulli, the university's associate vice president for human resources, citing data from the Health and Wellness Institute.