adv.1.In a lulling manner; soothingly.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Because Kosmas is fearlessly intuitive as a writer, and lullingly defiant as a performer, we are never quite sure where Karen's mind will lead us.
Like Song, Cohen elicits moving performances from non-actors--Mary Margaret O'Hara and Bobby Sommer, who provides the film's lullingly gentle voiceover narration in German--achieving what, in lesser hands, could easily have been a maudlin love story or a drippy "meditation" on museum art.
Confronted by the challenge and stimulus of particularity, he moved from a lullingly smooth craftsman's competence to greatness.
With all the other songs greater emphasis on rhythm is more positive in its effects, whether on a wild piece like "Valasi, Valasi" or lullingly in "Vim Ja zahradku trnenu" [I know a Garden of Thorns].
The spare prose Quindlen chooses to convey Fran/Beth's story is lullingly deceptive; I was well immersed in the novel before I realized how accurately its narrative cadence reflects the flat, resigned affect of an abused person.
This is a remarkably ambiguous performance, for all its lullingly elegiac tone.