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1. One who fells trees and transports the timber to a mill; a logger.
2. A short, warm outer jacket. Also called lumber jacket.


(Forestry) (esp in North America) a person whose work involves felling trees, transporting the timber, etc
Also called: lumberman
[C19: from lumber1 + jack1 (man)]


(ˈlʌm bərˌdʒæk)

a person who works at lumbering.
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Noun1.lumberjack - a person who fells treeslumberjack - a person who fells trees    
laborer, labourer, manual laborer, jack - someone who works with their hands; someone engaged in manual labor
scorer - a logger who marks trees to be felled
2.lumberjack - a short warm outer jacket
jacket - a short coat
قاطِع الأخْشاب وناشِرُها


[ˈlʌmbədʒæk] Nleñador(a) m/f


[ˈlʌmbərdʒæk] nbûcheron mlumberjack shirt n épaisse chemise à carreauxlumber room n (British)débarras m


[ˈlʌmbəˌdʒæk] ntaglialegna m inv, boscaiolo


(ˈlambə) noun
1. old unwanted furniture etc.
2. timber sawn up.
to give (someone) an unwanted responsibility. to lumber someone with a job.
ˈlumberjack (-dʒak) noun
a person employed to cut down, saw up and move trees.
References in classic literature ?
I'll never forget when you cleaned out those lumberjacks in the M.
G'wan, you're foolin'," said Finn, the other lumberjack, a quiet, steady, Wisconsin man.
Three of the very best - Craig Campbell, Glenn Wool and Stewart Francis - have joined forces as The Lumberjacks to prove that very point as they embark on an extensive autumn UK tour, which includes a date at Cardiff's Glee Club next month.
On a night when their offense struggled to find a rhythm, the Utes (25-8) were still able to able to lead for the final 34 minutes thanks to a stifling defensive performance that limited the Lumberjacks (29-5) to 33.
But the sport goes back to the 19th century when Aussie lumberjacks would test their skills.
Concierge Vacation Services points out that the show features actual lumberjacks who are broken apart into two teams who then compete through various lumberjack-themed challenges, like axe throwing and crosscut sawing.
The game was tied 21-21 at halftime but the Lumberjacks (2-0) scored three touchdowns in the third quarter - two on fourth-down conversions - to take a 42-26 lead.
The Lumberjacks (1-0) surrendered 422 yards, including 340 passing, in a 32-24 come-from-behind win over Chadron State last week.
But they were better defensively, forcing 19 turnovers and holding the Lumberjacks to 30 percent from the field, including just 7 of 34 in the second half.
The Lumberjacks shot 67 percent in the first half and made seven 3-pointers.
Note: To set up a photo opportunity at the Silverdome, for a personal appearance or on-air interview with the lumberjacks, please contact Marontate & Co.
CSUN has won just three of the last 11 games against the Lumberjacks since joining the Big Sky in the 1996-97 season.