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a.1.(Anat.) Resembling a worm; as, the lumbrical muscles of the hands of the hands and feet.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Lumbrical and interossei recording in severe carpal tunnel syndrome.
Excision of the tumor created a full-thickness defect with the absence of overlying fascia, subcutaneous fat, the fascia of the lumbrical muscle of the second digit and the fascia of the adductor pollicis and opponent pollicis muscle of the thumb (Figure 2).
Manual muscle testing (MMT) at the initial examination revealed the following muscle strengths on the left side: deltoid, 0; biceps brachii, 0; triceps brachii, 2; wrist flexor muscles, 3; wrist extensor muscles, 3; lumbrical muscles of the hand, 4; and interosseous muscle, 4.
In addition, there is a technique with recording from the second lumbrical and interosseous muscles with stimulation of median and ulnar nerves, respectively.
There was weakness of the lumbrical muscles of all 4 fingers, as well as, of the abductor digiti minimi in his left hand.
(2000) [19] used a new technique which compared the distal motor latency of the median nerve to the second lumbrical muscle (L2) with the distal motor latency of the ulnar nerve to the interossei muscle (INT).
After pulling the lumbrical tendon to the dorsal, the periosteum was cut-offto expose the phalange.
A mass or lump detected within the transverse carpal ligament should be examined with gliding of the fingers, as it may represent a proximal origin of the index lumbrical, or an anomalous muscle belly of the FDI to the indicis.
The lateral collateral slips are thickened by the tendons of lumbrical and interosseous muscles and the medial collateral slips by tendons of the interosseous alone.