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(Italian lomˈbroːso)
(Biography) Cesare (ˈtʃeːzare). 1836–1909, Italian criminologist: he postulated the existence of a criminal type


(lɒmˈbroʊ soʊ)

Cesare, 1836–1909, Italian physician and criminologist.
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Found beneath Carvajal's hat and behind a wall in his house, they consisted of a book of psalms titled Lex Adonai, a guidebook to prayer and an autobiography written in the third person, under the name of Joseph Lumbroso (Joseph, the Enlightened).
In: Lumbroso B, Huang D, Jia Y, Chen CJ, Rispoli M, Romano A, Waheed NK, eds.
On 17 July 1909, he congratulates Alberto Lumbroso on his criticism of Borgese's monograph on D'Annunzio ('una maligna indiscrezione su la vita privata del grande scrittore').
En la carcel inquisitorial se cambio el nombre a Josef Lumbroso y continuo asi su vida, sus practicas y ceremonias.
Fue escrito, con una letra diminuta, probablemente trazada con una aguja sobre cascaras de aguacate, secas y recortadas, por un joven judio, Jose Lumbroso, en una humeda y oscura celda de la Inquisicion de la Nueva Espana, alla por los remotos anos finales del siglo XVI.
Lumbroso et al described a case of orbital rhabdomyosarcoma in a 6-year-old girl who had been treated with radiotherapy to the orbit (in addition to chemotherapy).
Alain Lumbroso, Economist, International Transport Forum, OECD
Writing for ophthalmologists, optometrists, ophthalmic technicians, and orthoptists, Lumbroso and Rispoli illustrate the logical and simple analysis and interpretation method of optical coherence tomography imaging, clearly setting out the steps required to reach a diagnosis.
The idea began in 2000-2001, when there were many suicide bombings on (Israeli) buses," said BioExplorers founder and chief technology officer Eran Lumbroso at the Israel Homeland Security exhibition in Tel Aviv, where he displayed his mechanism for the first time.
Eran Lumbroso, Chief Technology Officer at BioExplorers said: "We use mice as biosensors because they are very sensitive, very specific and we can use multiple sensors in one cartridge so it increases the detection rate and lowers the false alarm rate.
lt;<Por la clara vidriera / Paso aquel Sol divino tan lumbroso / Que dejandola entera / Hizo el parto glorioso / Cuanto fue celestial y milagroso / [.