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(Italian lomˈbroːso)
(Biography) Cesare (ˈtʃeːzare). 1836–1909, Italian criminologist: he postulated the existence of a criminal type


(lɒmˈbroʊ soʊ)

Cesare, 1836–1909, Italian physician and criminologist.
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Jacob Lumbrozo, of Maryland," Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society 1 (1893): 25-39.
There's Jacob Lumbrozo, an early Jew in the Maryland colony who ran afoul of its so-called "Act of Toleration" for questioning Jesus' divinity, and also John Starr Cooke, whose 20th century metaphysical peregrinations through the mystic east and beyond were a subterranean precursor to burgeoning hippiedom.
En 1663, el medico Jacob Lumbrozo de Maryland fue acusado por su criada de 22 anos por haberla violado y obligado a beber una pocima abortiva.
126) Second, unlike Rhode Island, which disenfranchised all Catholics and non-Christians in 1663 despite its charter of absolute religious toleration, Lord Baltimore, influenced by his Catholic faith, displayed his love of religious liberty by granting the rights of citizenship to Jacob Lumbrozo, a Jew, in 1663.
Nevertheless, Lord Baltimore dismissed the charges and Lumbrozo eventually attained full citizenship in the colony.