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n. pl. lu·mens or lu·mi·na (-mə-nə)
1. Anatomy The inner open space or cavity of a tubular organ, as of a blood vessel or an intestine.
2. Biology The interior of a membrane-bound compartment or organelle in a cell.
3. Abbr. lm Physics The SI unit of luminous flux, equal to the amount of light per unit time passing through a solid angle of one steradian from a light source of one candela intensity radiating equally in all directions. See Table at measurement.

[Latin lūmen, an opening, light; see leuk- in Indo-European roots.]

lu′men·al, lu′min·al adj.
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Noun1.Luminal - a long-acting barbiturate used as a sedative
barbiturate - organic compound having powerful soporific effect; overdose can be fatal


a. luminal, rel. a la luz de un conducto.
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Luminal Breast Cancer Study Highlights In the luminal breast cancer study, researchers analyzed 1,311 breast cancer samples using a multiplatform approach (whole genome messenger RNA[mRNA] expression, protein expression[IHC], gene copy number changes[ISH], and gene sequencing) and tested an additional 732 samples for PD-L1 and its receptor, PD-1, via IHC.
The researchers confirmed known differences between two forms of breast cancers called basal-like and luminal.
Cybersecurity startup, Luminal moved its headquarters to Maryland and plans to expand, thanks to a State investment.
Intriguingly, luminal breast cancer cells, which are associated with a much better clinical prognosis, carry this gene in a state in which it seems to be permanently shut down.
The four types of breast cancer examined by a consortium of institutions known as The Cancer Gene Atlas are called HER2-enriched, Luminal A, Luminal B, and Basal-like breast cancer.
In the United States, XIENCE PRIME is indicated for improving coronary artery luminal diameter in patients with symptomatic heart disease due to de novo native coronary artery lesions (lesions /= 2.
They cover equipment and general principles, including the history of the procedure and how endoscopes, devices, and units function; the diagnosis, staging, and treatment of benign and malignant luminal gastrointestinal disorders, including strictures, enteral access, ingested foreign bodies, gastroesophageal reflux, and inflammatory, infectious, and functional disorders; pancreaticobiliary disorders and advanced techniques in endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) and endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) for diagnosis and management; and emerging endoscopy, including management of post-bariatric complications, natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery, and electronically enhanced endoscopy imaging.
The most common finding on the CT scans was "abnormal luminal thickening" (109/124) varying in location from the terminal ileum to rectum.
These 5 subtypes are luminal A and luminal B, normal breastlike, human epithelial growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) overexpressing, and basal-like subtypes.
This award recognizes Prescient Medical's efforts to reduce deaths related to heart attacks using the vProtect(TM) Luminal Shield.
Thyroids had a hypertrophic follicular epithelium, loss or deficiency of luminal colloid, occasional small follicles that suggested hyperplasia, and occasional collapsed follicles.