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a paint made up with some phosphorescent substance, as sulphide of calcium, which after exposure to a strong light is luminous in the dark for a time.

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Unlike most watches with luminescent paint that fades quickly or battery-operated push-to-light system, Luminox offers a proprietary technology which was once exclusive for the military.
Every two minutes, a light came on and we could see these images for what they were, luminescent paint drawn on pieces of white tulle.
The sights have a three-dot configuration and feature luminescent paint on the civilian model (night sights on law-enforcement models).
While luminescent paint isn't as high-tech as true tritium-powered night sights.
Such is the case with BenTech of Southern Pines, N.C., and Luminescent Paint Technologies (LPT) located in Chicago, Ill.
"They were also equipped with photo luminescent paint on handrails and stair treads, and a center line guided evacuees -- even after Two World Trade Center had collapsed.