Luminous paint

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a paint made up with some phosphorescent substance, as sulphide of calcium, which after exposure to a strong light is luminous in the dark for a time.

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Of course I knew what it was, for I have my own watch-dial daubed with luminous paint; it makes a lantern of sorts when you can get no better.
At other points her body is obscured by fierce strokes of luminous paint, her hands warped abstract shapes.
"They are painted brown and they're not fixed, they need to be in luminous paint."
Son hits out after vandals spray luminous paint over mum's grave in Brighouse Cemetery Can't really comprehend how someone could do this.
Also, my preproduction sample features three-dot sights with luminous paint, but the production flat dark earth version has tritium sights.
But he keeps sweet memories of the Teenage Rebels' green letters glowing hauntingly in luminous paint on their drum kit, as the stage curtains raised.
Silva's Explorer Pro Hi-Vis lives up to its name with luminous paint that does not degrade over time.
The watch will use traditional stainless steel hour and minute wheels with luminous paint, along with recycled aluminum mainsprings and winding pinions.
The charity's Glow Run saw families turn out once the sun went down to take on the 3km course while The charity's Glow Run saw families turn out once the sun went down to take on the 3km course while being sprayed with luminous paint beneath UV lights.
QI USED luminous paint on the kids' bedroom ceilings when they were young.
Through a series of farce like escapades, the mystery is solved; the guinea pigs did escape from a pet shop, found their way to the props room of the local theatre, and walk through luminous paint.