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Budalang'i MP Raphael Wanjala's wants the Directorate of Criminal Prosecutions to speed up investigations into the killing of his guard Constant Lumumba.
Piers then suggested Amanda couldn't be trusted to tell the truth by bringing up her false claim that bar owner Patrick Lumumba was involved in Meredith's murder at her flat in Perugia.
However, County Police boss Patrick Lumumba denied that police set the houses on fire.
Which is why on June 3, exactly three decades after Patrick Lumumba was blown away, I shall be sitting next to McCrory - a left hook from where glory was achieved - to watch Ed Waugh's wonderful one-man play Carrying David, which tells the fairytale story of the rise and rise of a local hero.
THIS June will see the 30-year anniversary of when the face of North East boxing, Glenn McCrory, had his crowning glory night when he defeated Patrick Lumumba in Stanley to lift the IBF cruiserweight world title.
This article examines Patrice Lumumba's afterlife among Congolese students in the 1960s.
Because he was there that historic night at the Louisa Centre in Stanley, County Durham, one of 1,500 fight fans who cheered the Annfield Plainborn fighter to the Cruiserweight title by beating Patrick Lumumba on points on June 3, 1989.
Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba spoke at the first event about his vision for the City of Jackson.
In this book, revised and updated to include new thinking on the Congo crisis and incorporating material recently released from British intelligence archives, the author tells the story of the Congo in the dying days of colonialism, and of Patrice Lumumba's transition from nationalist to revolutionary to international symbol of African liberation.
At the request of President Kasavubu and Prime Minister Lumumba, the UN Security Council mandated Hammarskjold to intervene.
In the mid-20th century, a number of so-called third world countries experienced a wave of independence movements. ( Patrice Lumumba was an influential figure calling for Congolese independence from its colonist Belgium.