Lunar cycle

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Same as Metonic cycle. See under Cycle.

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Bringing together her love of crystals and of the moon, she created a spiritual practice that fostered alignment with the lunar cycles, long a potent metaphor for human life.
That ultimately remains something of a mystery - but scientists have some ideas, based on other research linking animal physiology to lunar cycles. As researchers point out, the answer does not lie with forces of gravity.
The experts also used data on lunar cycles from the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration.
Back in 2011, you created something called the Hijiri Calendar, which tracks the lunar cycles of the Islamic calendar.
In a survey conducted in a German hospital, 21.3% of the in-hospital patients had a moon calendar and scheduled their operations according to lunar cycles [10].
Prior to being a time machine, the actual Archimedes Mechanism was a navigational tool calculating lunar cycles, tides, and the appearance of constellations--a generator of complex perspectives.
In order to compare gene expression during the full Moon and new Moon phases of the lunar cycles, samples were collected every 4 h over each 24-h period from two adult colonies maintained under the artificial light regimen that matched the normal lunar cycle.
The Chinese New Year date is different every year because the Chinese follow a calendar style based on lunar cycles. Prof Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan said China-Pakistan are enjoying deep and time-tested relations that are more strengthened with China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.
Lunar cycles influence the lives of all sorts of creatures, a biologist explains.
Effects of lunar cycles on the activity patterns and depth use of a temperate sport fish, the largemouth bass, Micropterus salmoides.
Here are a few of the many things the Apple Watch can do: tell time to within an accuracy of 50 milliseconds; display weather and lunar cycles; sync and display calendar appointments, reminders, and mes sages; work as an iPod; work as a fit ness tracker; make electronic payments with a swipe; and much more,
Human responses to the geophysical daily, annual and lunar cycles. Curr Biol.