south node

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south′ node′

n. (often caps.)
the descending node of the moon.
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Hypothalamus beneath the Thalamus acts like moon, It is associated with emotion and physiological responses to emotions, Amygdala is Mars that controls the movement, Subthalamus is Mercury, Globus Pallidus is Jupiter, Substancia Nigra is Venus, Putamen is Saturn, Nucleus Caudatus Head is Ascending Lunar Node, it controls the eye movement and Nucleus Caudatus Tail Descending Lunar Node controls the function of Central Nervous System.
For instance, she considers the concept of fate partly by a detailed lexicographical survey of the Akkadian word simtu (chapter one), considers the role and scope of scribes and scholars by examining the word tupsarru (chapter twelve), and considers the understanding of the lunar node by looking at the Sumerian word DUR (chapter five), to name just a few examples.
The word draconic is rooted in the Latin and Greek word for dragon, and the Sun completes a "draconic" year when Earth's orbital motion returns the Sun to the same lunar node.