lunch counter

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lunch′ count`er

1. a counter, as in a store or restaurant, where light meals and snacks are served.
2. a luncheonette.
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On the right, against the wall, was the free lunch counter.
on my way to the lunch counter that had sandwiches, on soft bread, with
1955), taken from his 1995 collection Trouble No More, is set during the days of the lunch counter sit-ins, in this case in Grooms' hometown of Louisa, Virginia.
Seats 84, between tables, booths and lunch counter.
Rock Hill, South Carolina (AP) -- Robert McCullough, who led a group of black students in a landmark 1961 civil rights protest, choosing to serve jail time on a chain gang for the crime of sitting at a whites-only lunch counter, has died.
Only a few days later newspapers noted the startling fact that students in Nashville were quietly integrating a lunch counter.
The building once housed Hooper's drug store, and tall stools still line what was formerly a lunch counter and now serves as a bar.
What kind of protest was held by black students at a North Carolina lunch counter in 1960?
As the civil rights movement gains strength among young black people in the South, Rob and his friends back home help organize a sit-in at a Virginia Woolworth's lunch counter that won't serve African Americans, a protest that turns violent.
Grignon's categories are useful for thinking about historical events like the lunch counter sit-ins of the 1960s.
Soon after, she and her sister Priscilla were arrested and jailed for 49 days for attempting to be served at a Woolworth's lunch counter.