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or lun·gyi (lo͞ong′gē) also lon·gyi (lŏng′gē, lo͝ong′-)
n. pl. lun·gis or lun·gyis also lon·gyis
A cloth, often of brightly colored silk or cotton, that is used as a piece of clothing, especially the traditional skirtlike garment of South Asia and Myanmar (Burma).

[Urdu lungī, from Persian, variant of lung.]
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On Sunday, children, hijab-wearing women, and men in long-skirt lungis shouted "God is Great, Long Live Rohingya" as they marched at the heart of the world's largest refugee camp, to commemorate what they described as "Genocide Day".
The temple workers dressed in white shirts and lungis stood at the edge of the wells and fetched water and subsequently poured the water over the people.
The notice issued to two district bar associations of Kishanaganj suggested them to ban their clients from coming to court dressed in lungis. It cited no reason behind the "lungi ban" though.
A video of the song's shooting has been released, which has both Shah Rukh and Honey Singh matching steps in the traditional wear lungi. The duo with half folded lungis are seen dancing away to the catchy beats and in the background are large Rajnikanth photos.
Bollywood Cinemas' manager said women u and men u had complained men were coming to the theatre with "half mast" lungis, which effectively turns them into loincloths or short skirts.
Summary: Eva Fernandes sees a recent ban on lungis at a South Asian cinema as one more proof of our openly latent classist and somewhat racist biases.
Wherever we look we see people dressed in lungis. Tamil posters adorn our walls, we start our day eating idlisto get into the mode.
Maybe at our farewell six years later, it will expect us to wear dhotis and lungis and eat out of banana leaves.
The brightly colored and elaborate clothing worn reflects this focus on "authenticity." Men wear lungis, a piece of cloth tied around the waist, while women wear salwaar kameez, a long shirt and loose pants.
And Chinese robes, Japanese kimonos, Indian lungis, South Asian sarongs, and North African caftans are certainly skirt-like.
30 (ANI): An international retail company, which deals in clothing and accessories, has introduced 'check mini skirt' that has an uncanny resemblance to traditional Indian lungis.