Lupinus albus

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Noun1.Lupinus albus - white-flowered Eurasian herb widely cultivated for forage and erosion controlLupinus albus - white-flowered Eurasian herb widely cultivated for forage and erosion control
lupin, lupine - any plant of the genus Lupinus; bearing erect spikes of usually purplish-blue flowers
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In Ethiopian case, among the four agriculturally important lupin species Lupinus albus L.
Recientemente se identifico el primer inhibidor de aspartico proteasa de Lupinus bogotensis (LbAPI) que tiene una identidad de 76% con vicilinas de las semillas de Lupinus albus (Linnaeus, 1753).
Further, treatment of Lupinus albus seeds with yeast extract and chitosan increased isoflanoid content of Lupinus albus L.
annum Saladillo Lycopersicum Colonia Urquiza, esculentum La Plata Lupinus albus Los Hornos, Melilotus albus La Plata Galega officinalis Vicia faba Especie fungica Fecha E.
The true wild type, Lupinus albus subsp, graecus, is characterized by dark blue or purple flower color, high alkaloid content, shattering pods, hard seed coat, and speckled seed coat color, and it occurs primarily in the Balkan area (Cowling et al.
A good example of this technique is the recent immunocytochemical study in which a diprenylated isoflavone, 2[prime]-hydroxylupalbigenin, was identified in the walls of the inner cortex of nodules (determinate type) of Lupinus albus roots.
Since 1987, in tests near Auburn, Reeves has been studying another cover crop--white lupin, Lupinus albus L.