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n.1.(Zool.) A lynx. See 1st Lucern and Loup-cervier.
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Airasca, Bricklehampton, Cavour, Cumiana, Frossasco, Luserna San Giovanni, None, Perosa Argentina, Pinerolo, Pool, Pragelato, Roure, San Germano Chisone, San Secondo di Pinerolo, Torre Pellice Vigone, Villafranca P.
He died on February 6, 2013 at the "Pro Senectute" institute of Luserna San Giovanni (Torino).
Microtecnica employs approximately 700 people at facilities located in Turin, Luserna San Giovanni and Brugherio, Italy and Bristol, UK.
Right to social management of public baths and turkish bath / hammam located in Via Di Luserna Rora n.
At its facilities in Turin and Luserna, it manufactures mechanical and avionics systems, including air management and thermal control systems, secondary actuation systems, fuel controls and other onboard computers and electronic control units.
Plant Locations: Luserna San Giovanni--Torino Italy