Lutjanus apodus

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Noun1.Lutjanus apodus - food fish of warm Caribbean and Atlantic waters
snapper - any of several large sharp-toothed marine food and sport fishes of the family Lutjanidae of mainly tropical coastal waters
genus Lutjanus, Lutjanus - type genus of the Lutjanidae: snappers
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25 Spotfin butterflyfish Chaetodon ocellatus 26 Schoolmaster Lutjanus apodus 27 Roughscad Trachurus lathami 28 Sargassum fish Histrio histrio 29 Spotted goatfish Pseudupeneus maculatus 30 Cero Scomberomorus regalis 31 Mahogany snapper Lutjanus mahogoni 32 Atlantic needlefish Strongylura marina 33 Pinfish Lagodon rhomboides 34 Round scad Decapterus punctatus 35 Mackerel scad Decapterus macarellus 36 Filefish spp.
While higher abundance and diversity of Lutjanids (snappers) have been found in Thalassia testudinum habitats near coral reefs than near mangroves (Baelde 1990), we found that Lutjanus apodus was found only in mangroves, but Ocyurus chrysurus was found in both habitats (Table 1).
A new species of snapper (Perciformes: Lutjanidae) from Brazil, with comments on the distribution of Lutjanus griseus and Lutjanus apodus.
We found very few Lutjanus apodus juveniles outside of mangroves, which correspond with previous studies suggesting that mangroves provide an important nursery habitat for these juveniles (Nagelkerken et al.
Sanchez AJ (1994) Feeding habits of Lutjanus apodus (Osteichthyes: Lutjanidae) in Laguna de Terminos, Southwest Gulf of Mexico.
Common name Scientific name Catch Spiny lobster Panulirus argus <10 Hawksbill turtle Eretmochelys imbricata <10 Black durgon Melichthys niger <10 Yellow stingray Urolophus jamaicensis <10 Scrawled filefish Aluterus scriptus <10 Schoolmaster Lutjanus apodus <10 Sand tilefish Malacanthus plumieri <10 Snappers Lutjanus spp.
Snappers V Lutjanus apodus Schoolmaster snapper Sn Lutjanus jocu Dog snapper V Sn Lutjanus vivanus Silk snapper L Ocyurus chrysurus Yellowtail snapper V Sn Haemulidae Haemulon album White margate P Mullidae Pseudupeneus maculatus Spotted goatfish V T Kyphosidae Kyphosus sp.
Feeding ecology of the schoolmaster snapper, Lutjanus apodus (Walbum), from southwestern Puerto Rico.