Lutra lutra

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Noun1.Lutra lutra - otter found in Europe and AsiaLutra lutra - otter found in Europe and Asia  
otter - freshwater carnivorous mammal having webbed and clawed feet and dark brown fur
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2010: Otter, Lutra lutra, feeding pattern in the Kamenice River (Czech Republic) with newly established Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, population.
Winter predation by otter, Lutra lutra on carp pond systems in South Bohemia (Czech Republic).
Red Foxes Vulpes vulpes and Badgers Meles meles) and specialists (Otters Lutra lutra, Stoat Mustela erminea and Weasel Mustela nivalis).
Tambien resalta las poblaciones de galapagos (Emys orbicularis y Mauremys leprosa) asi como la presencia de Lutra lutra en los arroyos de este espacio.
Snow-tracking: a relevant method for estimating otter Lutra lutra populations.
Worldwide, there are 13 species of otter, but only one lives in the UK--the European otter, Lutra lutra, which is spread across Eurasia from Ireland to China and into Southeast Asia.
2004: Competition between Eurasian otter Lutra lutra and American mink Mustela vison probed by niche shift.
Similarly, the local people of Kajeri VDC nearby Sarada River Bank have been cutting down Agave americana (Ketuki) growing in the banks for the sake of fishing but this plant has been thought to be the best habitat for wild animals Martes flavigula (Malsapro) and Lutra lutra (Paniwoth).