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Noun1.Luvarus - type genus of the LuvaridaeLuvarus - type genus of the Luvaridae    
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
louvar, Luvarus imperialis - large silvery fish found worldwide in warm seas but nowhere common; resembles a whale and feeds on plankton
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ABSTRACT--Single specimens of Finescale Triggerfish (Batistes polylepis) and Louvar (Luvarus imperialis) were found in British Columbia's coastal waters in 2014.
2002), flyingfishes (Exocoetidae), tunas (Scombridae), the Louvar (Luvarus imperialis), and the Ocean Sunfish (Mola mola), as well as small mesopelagic species such as the Lowcrest Hatchetfish (Argyropelecus sladeni, Sternoptychidae) that become stranded on shore during storms.
These include tuna (Thunnus), bonito (Sarda), Luvarus, mackerel (Scomber), the cutlassfish (Trichiurus), marlins or spearfish (Tetrapterus), and swordfish (Xiphias).
Discarded bycatch (excluding marine mammals) included swordfish, three tuna species, three species each of sharks and rays, Myctophidae, squid, Loligo pealed; unspecified fish, louver, Luvarus imperalis; jellyfish, and snipe eels (Nemichthyidae) (Table 1).