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(ˌlʌk səmˈbɜr dʒi ən)

of or pertaining to Luxembourg, its inhabitants, or their speech.
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Adj.1.Luxembourgian - relating to or characteristic of Luxembourg; "Luxembourgian food"
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Out of the total figure of people with returned citizenship, 172 had Czech as their second citizenship, 81 German, 51 British, 35 American, 26 Australian, 14 Swiss, 6 Canadian, 5 Italian and Hungarian each, 3 Dutch and Luxembourgian each, 2 French and Israeli each, and one Belgian, Finnish, Polish, Austrian and Romanian.
With relation to the statement by Luxembourgian Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn, Mr.
On a recent morning in December, Day-Lewis and the film's other stars - British actress Lesley Manville, who appears as Reynolds' imperious sister and business manager, Cyril; and Luxembourgian actress Vicky Krieps, who plays Alma, the designer's headstrong muse and love interest - were gathered to discuss the film as a trio for the first time without Anderson present.
Initial members included Lebanese-Palestinian poet Mai Ziyada, founder of Fatat al-Sharq (The Young Woman of the East magazine Labiba Hashim, and Luxembourgian women's rights activist Marguerite Clement.
Finance minister Harris Georgiades and his Luxembourgian peer Pierre Gramegna signed the agreement, which aims at helping the two EU members strengthen bilateral ties, the ministry said in an emailed statement on Monday.
The Luxembourgian Minister of Foreign and European Affairs stressed the importance of this visit in cementing the ties between the two sides and boosting the positive outcomes resulting from the last visit of Prince Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg to the Sultanate.
The Luxembourgian outfit have a sensational record at the Stade Jos Nosbaum, winning 17 of their last 19 matches and finding the net more than once in 14 of them.
The following populations could also be indicated as having "multi-purpose saving" goals: Maltese with six goals assessed as significant, Luxembourgian with five goals, and both Belgian and Slovakian with four goals.
It is amazing how quickly Islamists in Turkey turned against Juncker and Asselborn, long-serving Luxembourgian politicians who have actually helped Erdoy-an consolidate his rule in Turkey, especially in his initial years in power, when he was desperately in need of crucial backing from the EU and NATO against meddlesome generals in the once-powerful army that ousted the sitting government four times in the past.
Travel in Europe without border controls agreed in the Luxembourgian town of Schengen was built on sand, too.
It is an essential tool for companies active across the Luxembourgian life insurance value chain and for new players considering to enter the market.
From May 1940 until November 1942, French, British, Polish, Czechoslovakian, Yugoslavian, Belgian, Dutch, and Luxembourgian troops arrived as well as young French civilian men who, after the humiliation of their country's rapid defeat, were trying to reach Great Britain to join General de Gaulle's troops.