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or Lux·em·burg  (lŭk′səm-bûrg′)
1. A country of northwest Europe bordering on Belgium, Germany, and France. Created as a duchy in 1354, it was ruled successively by Burgundy, Spain, Austria, and France between 1443 and 1797, and it was made a grand duchy of the Netherlands by the Congress of Vienna (1814-1815). In 1839 the greater part of it passed to Belgium. The remainder became autonomous in 1848 and was declared a neutral and independent territory in 1867. Luxembourg is the capital.
2. also Luxembourg City The capital of Luxembourg, in the southern part of the country. It developed around a heavily fortified tenth-century castle.

Lux′em·bourg′er, Lux′em·burg′er n.
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Noun1.Luxemburger - a native or inhabitant of Luxembourg
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Luxemburg - a grand duchy (a constitutional monarchy) landlocked in northwestern Europe between France and Belgium and Germany; an international financial center
European - a native or inhabitant of Europe
Adj.1.Luxemburger - of or relating to the capital city of Luxemburg; "Luxemburger streets"
2.Luxemburger - of or relating to or characteristic of the grand duchy of Luxemburg or its people
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The second part, "My Father was a Dutchman," includes samples of German, Austrian, Swiss, Luxemburger, Dutch, Italian, Croatian, Czech, Polish, Lithuanian, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Icelandic traditions.
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The Luxemburger also leads the points classification and the best young riders standings while Amaury Capiot (TSV) conquers the Most Aggressive rider's jersey.
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The Scot's 6-4, 7-5 win over the Luxemburger illustrated how far the former Wimbledon and US Open champion has come in the one year since returning to the tour after a serious back operation.