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Noun1.Luyia - a Bantu language
Bantoid language, Bantu - a family of languages widely spoken in the southern half of the African continent
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He also says that several Africans Luo and Luyia bought lorries for transportation businesses.
Tachoni (Lutachoni): 4/33 (12.12%) Bukusu (Lubukusu): 13/33 (39.39%) Swahili (Kiswahili): 3/33 (9.09%) Maragoli (Logooli): 1/33 (3.03%) Luo (Dholuo): 2/33 (6.06%) Kabras (Lukabrasi): 1/33 (3.03%) Marama (Lumarama): 1/33 (3.03%) Teso (Ateso): 2/33 (6.06%) Luyia: 2/33 (6.06%) No answer: 4/33 (12.12%) The Form four students in the survey named the following as their mother tongue:
The author sets a daunting task for herself in seeking to examine the emergence of a discrete ethnic grouping with the name Luyia despite the absence of a common language, political system, or shared precolonial traditions.
(24) The Luhya (or Luyia) are in numbers the second largest ethnic group in Kenya.
She discusses ethnic patriotism in the interwar years, speaking Luyia, mapping gender, between loyalism and dissent, mapping decolonization, and beyond the ethnos and the nation.
The fact that some of these forms of association are also found among neighbouring Luo and Luhya (or Luyia) groups on the Kenya side, as I can attest from my own observations there, shows that modes of human organization do not necessarily stop at national, ethnic or linguistic boundaries.