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In addition, phthalates are classified as endocrine-disrupting compounds as they adversely affect the endocrine system (Lyche et al.
Lyche - Aubrey Lyche, of Eugene, and Kyle Lyche, of Coos Bay, a daughter.
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Other classes of chemicals found to alter the immune response through studies with zebrafish include endocrine-disrupting chemicals 17[beta]-estradiol, 17[alpha]-ethynylestradiol, polychlorinated biphenyls, and bisphenols (Jin et al., 2010; Keiter et al., 2012; Li et al., 2013; Lyche et al., 2013; Tu et al., 2013; Xu et al., 2013); metals such as silver, gold, depleted uranium, and arsenic (Gagnaire et al., 2013, 2014; Hermann and Kim, 2005; Lage et al., 2006; Mattingly et al., 2009; Myrzakhanova et al., 2013; Nayak et al., 2007; Truong et al., 2013); and oxides such as titanium dioxide (Jovanovic et al., 2011b).
[33.] Lyche JL, Gutleb AC, Bergman A, Eriksen GS, Murk AJ, Ropstad E, et al.
To date, research has supported the importance of occupational engagement for college students as well as for adult workers (Cox et al., 2015; Lyche, 2012; Noble, 2008).
However, skillfully playing an instrument is not an easy thing, it needs to cooperate with flexible finger, people need to learn and practice to master (Cohen E, Lyche T, Riesenfeld R., 1980).
"We are constandy reshaping our environment to meet our needs, forgetting that other species also live in it," Agnes Lyche Melvaer, head of Bybi, the environmental group leading the project, told The Guardian.
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He that is evyrmor dowtyng is lyke to the flood of the see, the whech is mevyd and born abowte wyth the wynd, and that man is not lyche to receyven the gyftys of God." (5)