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 (lĭsh′ē-ə, lĭsh′ə)
An ancient country and Roman province of southwest Asia Minor on the Aegean Sea. Ruled from early times by Persia and Syria, it was annexed by Rome in the first century ad.


(Placename) an ancient region on the coast of SW Asia Minor: a Persian, Rhodian, and Roman province


(ˈlɪʃ i ə)

an ancient country in SW Asia Minor: later a Roman province.
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Noun1.Lycia - an ancient region on the coast of southwest Asia MinorLycia - an ancient region on the coast of southwest Asia Minor
Anatolia, Asia Minor - a peninsula in southwestern Asia that forms the Asian part of Turkey
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On this the son of Lycaon shouted in triumph, "Knights Trojans, come on; the bravest of the Achaeans is wounded, and he will not hold out much longer if King Apollo was indeed with me when I sped from Lycia hither.
When he had found the brave son of Lycaon he said, "Pandarus, where is now your bow, your winged arrows, and your renown as an archer, in respect of which no man here can rival you nor is there any in Lycia that can beat you?
I have come from afar, even from Lycia and the banks of the river Xanthus, where I have left my wife, my infant son, and much wealth to tempt whoever is needy; nevertheless, I head my Lycian soldiers and stand my ground against any who would fight me though I have nothing here for the Achaeans to plunder, while you look on, without even bidding your men stand firm in defence of their wives.
For all your strength, and all your coming from Lycia, you will be no help to the Trojans but will pass the gates of Hades vanquished by my hand.
Yet Montesquieu, speaking of this association, says: "Were I to give a model of an excellent Confederate Republic, it would be that of Lycia.
Verily Sarpedon reigned mightily over wide Lycia and ruled very many cities filled with people, wielding the sceptre of Zeus: and great honour followed him, which his father gave him, the great-hearted shepherd of the people.
In the second year of the war the Athenians sent six ships under a certain Melesandros to the region of Caria and Lycia, located on the Anatolian coast.
On the other hand, the territory of the small island republic increased six-fold and included Caria and Lycia, the Asian Minor territories across the sea.
Born during the Third Century in Patara, Lycia (Turkey), St.
For example, I am in awe of the many ancient civilizations of the time of the ancient kingdom of Lycia and the numerous impressive cultural, scientific and artistic achievements that were made.
Partners Denise Diallo and Samir Berlat, with support from associates Lycia Alderin and Marie-Alix Charvin, advised on the IPO s new senior credit facilities.
Saint Nicholas was a historic 4th-century Christian saint and Greek Bishop of Myra in Lycia.