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Noun1.Lycoperdales - small order of basidiomycetous fungi having fleshy often globose fruiting bodies; includes puffballs and earthstars
fungus order - the order of fungi
class Gasteromycetes, class Gastromycetes, Gasteromycetes, Gastromycetes - fungi in which the hymenium is enclosed until after spores have matured: puffballs; earth stars; stinkhorn fungi
family Lycoperdaceae, Lycoperdaceae - a fungus family belonging to the order Lycoperdales; includes puffballs
family Geastraceae, Geastraceae - a family of earthstar fungi belonging to the order Lycoperdales
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Estos pertenecen a los Agaricales (14 taxa), Poriales (2), Lycoperdales (1), Phallales (1), Sclerodermatales (1), Stereales (1) y Uredinales (1).
Key words: Gasteromycetes, Lycoperdales, taxonomy, tropical fungi, Costa Rica.