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Noun1.Lycophyta - used in some classifications for the class Lycopsida: club mosses
division - (botany) taxonomic unit of plants corresponding to a phylum
kingdom Plantae, plant kingdom, Plantae - (botany) the taxonomic kingdom comprising all living or extinct plants
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More recent data for the aquaporin superfamily of one of the oldest living lineages of vascular land plants (Lycophyta), the spike moss (Selaginella moellendorffii), indicate that the GIP subfamily may have been lost prior to the evolution of Lycophyta (Anderberg et al., 2012), while recent data for angiosperms support the absence of the HIP subfamily in Dicotyledonae (Gupta and Sankararamakrishnan, 2009; Park et al., 2010; Reuscher et al., 2013; Venkatesh et al., 2013; Zhang et al., 2013; Diehn et al., 2015).
Morphology, ultrastructure and typology of orbicules in Isoetes (Isoetaceae, Lycophyta).
The Lycophyta and Monilophyta groups were represented by 99 species (terricole and epiphyte) and the Magnoliophyta group by 279 species, being 65 trees and shrubs species undetected by the inventory, 33 lianas, 35 epiphytes, 145 terricole herbs and one parasite.
Riqueza, abundancia e ecologia de pteridofitas (Lycophyta e Monilophyta) em dois ambientes de um fragmento de floresta serrana (Mata da Reserva, Bonito, Pernambuco, Brasil).
El tratamiento taxonomico de Pteridophyta (Lycophyta y Monilophyta) sigue a MORAN & RIBA (1995) y parcialmente a SMITH et al.
There are three extinct (Rhyniophyta, the oldest; Timerophyta, fossil found 350 million years ago, and Zosterophyllophyta, early Devonian 375 millions years ago) and four living divisions (Lycophyta, a group of herbaceous line; Sphenophyta, horsetail's jointed stems; Psilophyta, epiphytes; and Pterophyta, the ferns).
It's true that a common name for the plant is club moss, but Lycopodium is in the division Lycophyta, sometimes called seedless vascular plants or fern allies.
Class 1 Lycopodiopsida (Lycophyta, Lycopsida, Lycophytes, Lycopods, Club Mosses, Spike Mosses, Quillworts)