Lycopodium obscurum

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Noun1.Lycopodium obscurum - a variety of club mossLycopodium obscurum - a variety of club moss    
Christmas green, ground pine - any of several club mosses having long creeping stems and erect branches
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All but one of the three living Larix laricina noted by Swinehart (1994) have died, and the Cypripedium acaule noted by Lindsey in 1972 and Swinehart in 1993 were not observed, nor were the Lycopodium lucidulum and Lycopodium obscurum that Swinehart found in 1993.
Gray 2.4 X [10.sup.-3] Lonicera canadensis 7.8 X [10.sup.-3] Acer rubrum 7.8 X [10.sup.-3] Lycopodium obscurum L.