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Of or relating to Lydia or its people, language, or culture.
1. A native or inhabitant of Lydia.
2. A language of the extinct Anatolian branch of Indo-European, found in inscriptions of the fourth century bc in western Turkey.
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1. (Languages) of or relating to ancient Lydia, its inhabitants, or their language
2. (Peoples) of or relating to ancient Lydia, its inhabitants, or their language
3. (Placename) of or relating to ancient Lydia, its inhabitants, or their language
4. (Music, other) music of or relating to an authentic mode represented by the ascending natural diatonic scale from F to F. See also Hypo- Compare Hypolydian
5. (Peoples) an inhabitant of Lydia
6. (Languages) the extinct language of the Lydians, thought to belong to the Anatolian group or family
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(ˈlɪd i ən)

1. a native or inhabitant of Lydia.
2. the extinct Anatolian language of the Lydians.
3. of or pertaining to Lydia, its people, or their language.
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Noun1.Lydian - an Anatolian language
Anatolian, Anatolian language - an extinct branch of the Indo-European family of languages known from inscriptions and important in the reconstruction of Proto-Indo European
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The liberty which we are supposing may be most completely given to them in the form of such a power as is said to have been possessed by Gyges the ancestor of Croesus the Lydian. According to the tradition, Gyges was a shepherd in the service of the king of Lydia; there was a great storm, and an earthquake made an opening in the earth at the place where he was feeding his flock.
Nor would the rich, because they are superior in numbers, form a democracy, as formerly at Colophon; for there the majority had large possessions before the Lydian war: but a democracy is a state where the freemen and the poor, being the majority, are invested with the power of the state.
Lydian Armenia, a subsidiary of Lydian International, has been exploring the field since 2007 and received a production permit back in 2015, but due to additional environmental requirements, it was not allowed to start production.
ENPNewswire-August 23, 2019--Lydian Provides Update on Government of Armenia's Review of SIC Report on Lydian's Responses to Recommendations in Environmental Audit Report
They discuss the urban history of the city, including its archaeology, its administration and extramural residence and industry, the roofing of homes, the architectural context of the Antiochus III inscriptions, religious life, and the city plan; the relationship of the city to its hinterland, including the Lydian countryside, the context of the geopolitical triangle of western Asia Minor, Athens, and Gordion; and key bodies of archaeological evidence.
He has extensive experience with growth-stage resource companies, including most recently as CFO of Lydian International.
In another news a 13-year-old Indian pianist Lydian Nadhaswaram, from Chennai, has made India proud by winning the American reality show 'The World's Best'.
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Persian, Lydian, East Greek, Phrygian, and other styles and customs combine or are found together, as exemplified by the "Lydian Treasure," which Baughan addresses at some length.