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 (lī′əl), Sir Charles 1797-1875.
British geologist whose Principles of Geology (1830-1833) advocated uniformitarianism rather than catastrophism and influenced Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.


, Mount
A peak, 3,997 m (13,114 ft) high, of the Sierra Nevada in east-central California.


(Biography) Sir Charles. 1797–1875, Scottish geologist. In Principles of Geology (1830–33) he advanced the theory of uniformitarianism, refuting the doctrine of catastrophism


(ˈlaɪ əl)

Sir Charles, 1797–1875, English geologist.
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Lyell has also given me four packets of dust which fell on a vessel a few hundred miles northward of these islands.
11) in a vivid passage about a church at Dunwich, Lyell poetically combines meditations on Shakespeare and Bewick to depict geological incursions on traditional society:
Deirdre Lyell reported at the annual meeting of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine.
It provided Hutton and Lyell with the mechanism to explain the history of the Earth and to formulate the modern principles of geology and Darwin with the time required to explain the transmutation of species.
I was soon to learn the old saying that behind every good man there is a great woman, and behind Raymond Longford there certainly was--Lottie Lyell, the first star of the Australian screen.
Lord Charles Lyell, who served as a junior minister in the Northern Ireland office in the 80s, died in January, aged 77.
This WWII memoir written by Ronald Lyell Munro, a British officer of the Royal Air Force (RAF), is one of only two known first-person accounts written by an AOP pilot.
The free event, on Saturday 23 September, features marine touch tanks and robots of all shapes and sizes - including Pepper the humanoid helper in the Lyell Centre.
At this meeting a joint presentation of papers by Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace - who was born in Usk, Monmonthshire, was made - sponsored by Joseph Hooker and Charles Lyell as neither author could be present.
Darwin embarco en el Beagle, para dar su vuelta al mundo, llevando consigo el segundo de los volumenes de los Principios de la Geologia de Lyell.
00pm The Lyell team investigates the murder of a family shot while picnicking by a river, and discover the female victim was in the middle of a bitter divorce.
Nikki and the Lyell team are introduced to forensic psychologist Sasha Blackburn, who works closely with those released from prison on licence.