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Noun1.Lyginopteris - genus of fossil seed ferns of the CarboniferousLyginopteris - genus of fossil seed ferns of the Carboniferous
gymnosperm genus - a genus of gymnosperms
Cycadofilicales, Lyginopteridales, order Cycadofilicales, order Lyginopteridales - fossil gymnospermous trees or climbing plants from the Devonian: seed ferns
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Concepts for 12 other extinct species were taken directly from the literature (Aglaophyton major, Stauropteris oldhamia, Stauropteris burntislandica, Psilophyton crenulatum, Lyginopteris oldhamia, Archaeopteris, Archaeocalamites, Calamites, Cladoxylon, Rhacophyton, Psaronius, and Botryopteris cratis).