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Noun1.Lygodium - chiefly tropical climbing fernsLygodium - chiefly tropical climbing ferns  
family Schizaeaceae, Schizaeaceae - small family of mainly tropical ferns
climbing fern - any of several ferns of the genus Lygodium that climb by twining
fern genus - genera of ferns and fern allies
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Sin embargo, para las familias Cibotiaceae, Culcitaceae, Isoetaceae, Lindsaeaceae, Lygodiaceae, Oleandraceae, Onocleaceae, Plagiogyriaceae y Tectariaceae no se encontro ningun registro sobre las interacciones endomicorrizicas (Cuadro 2).
1 Phlegmariurus phlegmaria (L.) Holub 2 Lygodiaceae Lygodium japonicum (Thunberg) Swartz L.
Revalidation of the presence of Lygodium venustum (Lygodiaceae) in Argentina, with nomenclatural notes
The families Azollaceae, Equisetaceae, Lygodiaceae, Marsileaceae, Polypodiaceae, and Salviniaceae are represented by a single species each.
40 Lygodiaceae Lygodium subareolatum Christ 41 Berberidaceae Mahonia hainanensis H.L.X.,sp.
(Old World climbing fern; Lygodiaceae) is native to the tropics of Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Islands.
As an example, plants belonging to the families Amaryllidaceae, Apocynaceae, Araceae, Asteraceae, Bixaceae, Clusiaceae, Dilleniaceae, Lamiaceae, Lauraceae, Lygodiaceae, Myrtaceae, and Santalaceae were used only in Dinajpur district but not in the other three districts surveyed.