Lying to

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(Naut.) having the sails so disposed as to counteract each other.

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In an empirical study of teenagers and lying to parents, Engels et al.
Research has documented that the majority of parents admit to lying to their children even as they maintain that honesty is an important value.
Research from Friends Provident found more Britons are reaching for their mobile phone or laptop to avoid lying to someone face-to-face.
Bill Clinton suffered the ultimate disgrace and apologized to the American people for lying to them.
When you're in a relationship, you have certain motivations to see your partner in a particular way, and you especially don't want to think they are lying to you," says Bella DePaulo, a University of Virginia psychologist.
Meanwhile, 13 coal companies admitted last month (after a three-year Department of Labor investigation) to lying to their workers and the government about the amount of disease-causing coal dust in the mine air.