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Her, I heere lyken / to Grysilde / the goode, as, well I so maye / for her great patience; Consyderinge althingis withe her howe it stoode; her geauynge that name; theare is none offense, Your noble ffather / workinge like pretence, as Walter to Grysilde / by muche vnkyndenes; by name of Walter / I dooe hym expresse[.] (13) Even in marginalia Forrest repeats the explicit identification, establishing early on in his poem that "[t]his noble woman Catharyne / for her meeknes /applied to Grysilde" and that" [b]y names of Grysilde and Walter our Queenys [Queen Mary's] ffather and Mother examplyfyed." There is no misdirection here, no vigilant allegory of the sort that often characterizes political literature, a fact to which the poet calls attention.
(45.) See Hannah Hoch, Album (Scrapbook), Gunda Lyken, ed.
(13) According to Thomas Geminus's English version of Andreas Vesalius's anatomy, the blood as it is decocted in the heart is "spirite, more clearer, bryghter, and subtyller, then is any corporall thynge, compounded of the foure Elementes, for it is a thynge that is a meane betwene the bodye and the soule, and therefore the Philosophers lyken it rather to a heauenlye thynge then to a bodelye thynge." (14) In this context, blood is that which unites the body and conveys the identity of the soul.
More than 30 crews and artists displayed their skills during the CoMusica Summer Jam, including TTK, GMC and FIGs, both local collectives, Sketch City, Manchester; Rash, Leeds; Lyken, Scotland; MEF and KEM, Birmingham; Geko; Creative Ginger; Cloud Commission.
Sy dagboek eindig na die slag van Magersfontein (Du Toit, 1977:51): "Een lykrede gehouden by een gat van 25 lyken, vragende dat de vrede komen zal als een donderslag uit den hemel, onder zijn geween." Nie lank hierna nie het sy swak gestel ingegee en moes hy eers weg na Burgersdorp om te herstel.
126, 163 leued 72 lewde 129 libbing 228 liquerous 30 lop 220 lopen 220, 228 losel 77 lowde 129 lyg 49 lykam 30 lyken 163 maze 196 metels 208 meten 11 mumme 215 ouerleapt 150 pardoner 68 pleiden 20 pleinen 83 pleten 212 plight 46 preuen 38 quod 167 ragman 75 rattons 146 raughte 75 rebaudry 44 renable 158 renne 235 reuke 192 rit 171 rost 235 route 146 segges 160 selde 20 shope 2, 58, 122 shrewe 196 sithen 84 sithes 236 strayeuss 94 suen 45 sweuen 11 vncoupred 162 wit 16,207 wrath 174 yede 40