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 (lī-kûr′gəs) fl. ninth century bc.
Spartan lawmaker who is considered the founder of the Spartan constitution.
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(Biography) 9th century bc, Spartan lawgiver. He is traditionally regarded as the founder of the Spartan constitution, military institutions, and educational system
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(laɪˈkɜr gəs)

fl. 9th century B.C., Spartan lawgiver.
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Joining Joakem on this night is Isla Fortuna (Lykourgos Xenophontos, guitars, Nikolas Fournaris, bass and vocals, and Stephanos Eliopoulos on the drums), a three-piece rock band formed in Larnaca in 2013.
Psykou studied direction at Lykourgos Stavrakos Film School and sociology at Panteion U.
The following are some of the code names used in the diaries identified with members of the terrorist organization: Genikos, Gen or G Archbishop Makarios Dighenis, the Leader or Uncle George Grivas Cicero Polykarpos Georghiades Lykourgos Markos Drakos Romanos Renos Kyriakides Botsaris Poliviou Tselingas Constantinos Lefkosiotis Zidros Gregorios Afxentiou X (Diagonal cross and bishop's crook) Papastavros Averof Yannakis Drousiotis
He offers that it is the Lacedaimonian laws attributed to Lykourgos, but Socrates reminds him that these laws are barely three hundred years old and that, moreover, they are derivative of an earlier legal order.
11), not carrying Nabis's name, is now attributed to his predecessors, Lykourgos and Machanidas (219-207 B.C.).
So many individual `trees' make it easy to lose sight of the collective forest but interesting if not devastating points are made about the god's Thracian background (most obviously in the Lykourgos; story), nymphs and not mortal women as his female companions, the `back-flung head' as an indication of song rather than ecstasy, Dionysos' loss of beard (a change which surely does not mark a change in religious outlook), and the imagery of Bacchae, Frogs, and on Attic vases.
Lykourgos Lykomedous Boutades (9249, priest of Poseidon Erechtheus), Birds 1296, Kratinos 32, Pherekrates 11.
Thus in 1789, when Friedrich Schiller composed his comparison of Athenian and Spartan political institutions and ideologies, the two figures he chose for his lectures were Lykourgos to represent Spartan law and Solon to represent Athenian liberty.
Mega-wealthy businessman Lykourgos Kyprianou, who is wanted in the US for a share scam involving hundreds of millions of bucks, seized the opportunity provided by his daughter's wedding to flash his cash.
With the exception of five or six persons moving on a hill to the north of Lykourgos *** no serious movement was noticed.
It is quite likely that this program belongs to the wide-scale building program of Lykourgos between 338 and 326 B.C., when virtually all the major public spaces of Athens were rebuilt, often with stoas and colonnaded enclosures.
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