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Noun1.John Lyly - English writer noted for his elaborate style (1554-1606)
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On display are the monumentalizing ambitions of such writers (and/or, as Genette would have it, of their 'allies') as William Alexander, Thomas Carew, Samuel Daniel, George Gascoigne, the now obscure Robert Gomersall, Fulke Greville, Thomas Heywood, Ben Jonson, Thomas Killigrew, 'the onely Rare Poet of that Time, The Witie, Comicall, Facetiously-Quicke and vparalelld' John Lyly, John Marston, Thomas Middleton, Thomas Newman, Thomas Norton, Thomas Randolph, John Tatham, the various translators of Seneca, Sir Philip Sidney, and, of course, William Shakespeare.
Lyly, John. Six:e Court Comedies often Presented and Acted before Queene Elizabeth.
Endymion has been represented in literature by such writers as John Lyly, John Keats, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Edna St.