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n.1.A dog held in a leam; a bloodhound; a limehound.
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La maison sensible [or La maison empathique) [The Sensitive House (or The Empathie House)] is an audiovisual interactive installation created through a collaboration between two artist duos: Scenocosme (Gregory Lasserre and Anais met den Ancxt) and LYM (Lola Ajima and Yukao Nagemi).
The findings of the present study reflected that one session of aerobic exercise (running one mile three times with 3 minutes rest between each one) and anaerobic exercise (RAST test) caused a significant increase in the number of WBC, LYM, and PLT right after the exercise.
Yong Thau Lym, Wilson; Siew Hoo Ting, Yoong Soon Yong, Vun Yee Thien, Siew Hie Wong, Wei Lie Chin, K.
TAYLORSSKY Againon lym oderatelyaway and seemed tos tumbleslig htlya tthestart befores howing reasonable early, beingheld inashe m ovedm iddlea tthe first benda nd turnedin second.
LYM uses a proprietary ad-serving platform and mapping technology to aggregate hyperlocal websites, local blogs, and websites of community newspapers and organizes them by ZIP code.
In The Lym phocyte (Self and Miller, Eds) New York: Alan R.
25pm) Mae Tudur Owen mewn cell gyfyng a thamp yr wythnos hon, ac mae ei gydgarcharor yn egluro tueddiadau torcyfraith y cyfnod gan rybuddio bod cosb y llysoedd Fictoraidd yn medru bod yn hynod o lym.
My mentor at the University of Missouri introduced me to the LYM SIG.
Stage III exhibits nodular lung disease but little evidence of lym phadenopathy.
A number of studies demonstrate that certain attributes of an e-learning system will stimulate students' motivation to learn or solicit certain learning behavior, such as reading, searching, browsing, or collaborating (Jung, Herlocker, Webster, Mellinger, & Frumkin, 2008; Given, Ruecker, Simpson, Sadler, & Ruskin, 2007; Finder, Dent, & Lym, 2006).
daar staan hy, maat, rym stuif soos 'n voel op sy lym kiel soos 'n waal feraal soos 'n paal 19 en die gedig is die betekenis van die gedig (Eklips, 72).