Lymphatic gland

(Anat.) one of the solid glandlike bodies connected with the lymphatics or the lacteals; - called also lymphatic ganglion, and conglobate gland.

See also: Lymphatic

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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We have been in Bangkok for a whole month and my brother has been fighting cancer of the lymphatic gland, the pharynx and the spine," he said.
It was found that he had an abnormally hyperactive lymphatic gland which needed to be pathologically examined.
But doctors discovered ink from the midfielder's tattoos had caused an inflamed lymphatic gland and began to press against a nerve.
While the fruit contains D-limonene, the grapefruit oil tends to promote healthy metabolism and cleanse lymphatic glands, thereby encouraging weight loss.
In line with targeting methods and through connecting to biocompatible materials, the new medicine has obtained other useful results in drug delivery in order to detect lymphatic glands of breast cancer and hepatic tumors.
Lymphatic glands are made up of lymphatic tissues enclosed by a capsule of connective tissues.
The three robotic surgeries were successfully carried out by the Urology Department of the Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) and involved the removal of a prostate cancer together with the lymphatic glands of a 57-year-old patient, urethral reconstruction of a 17-year-old patient and a radical prostatectomy of a 69-year-old patient, said an official spokesman.
This gets the circulation moving and is also great for stimulating the lymphatic glands which, in turn, flush toxins from the body.
"Massage can also help lymphatic glands clear swelling and puffiness, but this afterglow is short term.
The 12-year-oldMaghull High pupil has been suffering from Hodgkin's - which causes swelling in the lymphatic glands in the neck, abdomen, armpit and other areas - for two years.
Sarah had surgery to remove the cancerous lump and lymphatic glands in her right arm on June 8, 2000.