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 (sē′môr′), Jane 1508?-1537.
Queen of England (1536-1537) as the third wife of Henry VIII. She died after giving birth to Henry's heir, Edward VI.


(Biography) Jane. ?1509–37, third wife of Henry VIII of England; mother of Edward VI


(ˈsi mɔr, -moʊr)

Jane, c1510–37, third wife of Henry VIII of England and mother of Edward VI.
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Noun1.Seymour - Queen of England as the third wife of Henry VIII and mother of Edward VI (1509-1537)Seymour - Queen of England as the third wife of Henry VIII and mother of Edward VI (1509-1537)
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And this from an unknown bravely elevated from the ranks of the corps de ballet to follow in the illustrious steps of Margot Fonteyn, Lynn Seymour and other stars who have filled the role in the past 40 years.
I learned to stand the way a peasant would stand, and much more, from ballerinas Tamara Rojo, Sarah Wildor and Lynn Seymour," Bond says.
Ask her about her career and this is what she says: "I have, by critics and friends, variously been described as louche, rebellious, eccentric, unlikely, a ghost, a fighter, honest, irritating, boring, likeable, warm, daring, brave, vapid, silly, empty, experienced, clever, cerebral, casual, bossy, vulnerable, versatile, witty, courageous, insincere, powerful, a female Bob Dylan, a young Lynn Seymour, a brilliant renaissance woman and a complete amateur.
When Lynn Seymour later stepped into the same role, her intensity and naturalism proved yet more astonishing.
From that time on his life was set and Parry brings in the familiar figures who shaped it working alongside MacMillan as friends and colleagues, amongst them Lynn Seymour, Peter Wright (who brought Sadler's Wells Ballet to Birmingham and created Birmingham Royal Ballet), John Cranko and a dozen more.
Others celebrating birthdays include: Michael Grade (above right), former chief executive Channel 4, 56; Gyles Brandreth, ex-GMTV personality, 51; John Cale, rock musician (Velvet Underground), 59; Cyd Charisse, dancer/actress, 78; Mickey Dolenz, actor/singer, 54; Lord (Douglas) Hurd of Westwell, former Foreign Secretary, 69; Gary Numan, rock musician, 41; Lynn Redgrave, actress, 56; Lynn Seymour, dancer, 60
He had a famous partnership in the Royal Ballet with Lynn Seymour and his first big success came with her in 1960 in "The Invitation," a new ballet by choreographer Kenneth MacMillan.
Prince Charming (Adam Cooper) is an injured pilot who falls for Cinders (Sarah Wildor) during the blitz and Lynn Seymour twinkles on stage as a tipsy wicked stepmother.