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A biological doctrine championed by Trofim Lysenko that maintained that environmentally induced traits could be inherited and that rejected the principles of genetics and natural selection.


(Genetics) a form of Neo-Lamarckism advocated by Lysenko, emphasizing the importance of the inheritance of acquired characteristics


(lɪˈsɛŋ koʊˌɪz əm)

a genetic doctrine formulated by Lysenko and asserting that acquired characteristics are inheritable.


the theories of the 20th-century Russian geneticist Trofim Lysenko, who argued that somatic and environmental factors have a greater influence on heredity than orthodox genetics has found demonstrable; now generally discredited.
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A prime example of how government and ideology can impact on science was supplied, of course, by the Lysenko Affair, where Stalin installed Lysenko's genetics in place of Mendel's for several years in the Soviet Union.
He touches on the Lysenko affair and actually mentions the Gulag, a seemingly unmentionable subject as far as most of the other contributors are concerned.
For almost 60 years, writing on Soviet science in general, and Stalinist science in particular, has been dominated by one major episode: the Lysenko affair.