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Noun1.Lythrum - loosestrifeLythrum - loosestrife        
dicot genus, magnoliopsid genus - genus of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination
family Lythraceae, loosestrife family, Lythraceae - herbs and shrubs and small trees with pink or purple flowers
loosestrife - any of numerous herbs and subshrubs of the genus Lythrum
Lythrum salicaria, purple loosestrife, spiked loosestrife - marsh herb with a long spike of purple flowers; originally of Europe but now rampant in eastern United States
grass poly, hyssop loosestrife, Lythrum hyssopifolia - annual with small solitary pink flowers; originally of Europe but widely naturalized in moist areas
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5 Lythrum 'Dropmore Purple' is a cultivar of our native purple loosestrife which flowers summer to autumn.
6 Lythrum 'Dropmore Purple' This is a cultivar of our native purple loosestrife which flowers from summer to autumn.
LYTHRUM 'DROPMORE PURPLE' This is a cultivar of our native 6 purple loosestrife which flowers from summer to autumn.
25 m, pastizales de anuales (Isoetetalia) sobre litosuelos con encharcamiento temporal, en zonas de rellanos de afloramiento granitico y cubetas eventualmente inundadas, junto a otras plantas como Illecebrum verticillatum, Ornithogalum broteroi, Lythrum borysthenicum, Isoetes histrix, Juncus capitatus, J.
Latitudinal population differentiation in phenology, life history and flower morphology in the perennial herb Lythrum salicaria.
Specimen of invasive plant Lythrum salicaria collected by Ray Friesner in Indianapolis in 1925, documenting presence of the species in the city as of that date (left).
Liparis liliifolia Lobelia spicata Lotus comiculatus * Lycopus unijlorus Lysimachia lanceolata Lysimachia nummularia * Lythrum alatum Maclura pomifera * Maianthemum stellatum Malus ioensis Medicago sativa * Melilotus offidnalis subsp.
Lythrum salicaria, although I prefer the common name, Purple Loosestrife.
Similar properties were proven for monomeric and dimeric ellagitannins purified from Lythrum salicaria (Piwowarski and Kiss 2015).
X Glauca (cattails), Phalaris Arundinacea (reed Canary Grass, Spring And Fall Treatment), Lythrum Salicaria (purple Loosestrife), Cirsium Arvensis (canada Thistle), And Phragmites Australis (common Reed) In A 35.
Munro Berg's hedge-nettle Lythraceae Loosestrife Family Lythrum californicum Torr.