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 (gə-rănd′, găr′ənd)
See M-1.

[After John Cantius Garand (1888-1974), Canadian-born American inventor.]
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Noun1.Garand - a semiautomatic rifleGarand - a semiautomatic rifle    
rifle - a shoulder firearm with a long barrel and a rifled bore; "he lifted the rifle to his shoulder and fired"
semiautomatic firearm - an autoloader that fires only one shot at each pull of the trigger
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An M1 Garand rifle, a caliber .30 and an MK2 fragmentation grenade were recovered from the suspects.
He brought along his M1 Garand rifle and ammunition.
Recovered from the encounter site were a clip with eight ammunition for an M1 Garand rifle, food, and other personal belongings.
Rock Island, IL, August 10, 2018 --( The inventor of the famed M1 Garand rifle was presented a deluxe model of his own rifle upon retirement.
WHY Stand in the birthplace of the M1 Garand rifle, the weapon of America's WWII infantryman * Examine the differences between the prototype and the last M1 Garand and the milestone versions in between * See a Japanese paratrooper rifle, a display case filled with Nazi pistols, and other rare Axis and Allied firearms
During WWII, American troops were issued the "greatest battle implement ever devised," the M1 Garand rifle. But that rifle was heavy and a very early on during the war there was a need for a smaller, lighter rifle, particularly for second line troops.
Sibih turned over one M1 Garand rifle, magazine, and ammunitions.
While the semiauto M1 Garand rifle had been adopted in 1936, teething problems with it mean that when the U.S.
He now wonders whether he'll be prohibited from purchasing the type of M1 Garand rifle his father used during World War II.
But the M1 Garand rifle and M1 carbine arrived just in time.
They also surrendered one M1 Garand rifle, five 12 gauge shotguns, an Ingram submachine gun, a .30 caliber rifle, four .
M1 Garand rifle that won its spurs at Bataan and Wake Island.