Thompson submachine gun

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Thompson submachine gun

A .45-caliber submachine gun having a wooden stock and a box or drum magazine.

[After John Taliaferro Thompson (1860-1940), American army officer.]
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Thomp′son submachine′ gun`

a.45-caliber automatic weapon designed to be fired from the shoulder or hip.
Also called Tommy gun.
[1920–25; after John T. Thompson (1860–1940), American army officer who aided in its invention]
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Noun1.Thompson submachine gun - a .45-caliber submachine gunThompson submachine gun - a .45-caliber submachine gun  
submachine gun - machine gun that is a portable automatic firearm
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A number of the 225 Rangers included scouts, staff- and non-commissioned officers, made the assault with a .45-caliber M1A1 Thompson. (Some historians believe that there were also 1928A1 and Ml Thompsons at the scene.) The M1A1 Thompson was the result of the 1942 simplification of the 1928A1, which was expensive and labor intensive.
Models 1928, 1928A1, M1 and M1A1 Thompson SMGs (collectively called Tommy Guns) were not the greatest design.
The fascination with these guns began with news accounts of the gangsters of the 20s and runs straight through to the M1A1 Thompson used by Tom Hanks starring as Capt.
Returning the handset to its former location, his partner took another breath, then relaxed and placed his right hand on the fourth object that lay in front of him -- a .45 ACP M1A1 Thompson submachine gun.