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Noun1.Andromeda galaxy - a spiral galaxy in the constellation of Andromeda that is visible to the naked eyeAndromeda galaxy - a spiral galaxy in the constellation of Andromeda that is visible to the naked eye
spiral galaxy, spiral nebula - a galaxy having a spiral structure; arms containing younger stars spiral out from old stars at the center
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I love pumpguns and nine years ago began exclusively using a vintage Remington M31.
In a focus discussion titled "Drivers of Growth and Innovation: SME funding," Patrick Zhong, founding managing partner at M31 Capital in China, spoke of Saudi youths' great potential in terms of the growth and success of SMEs.
Within the more than 100 nearby galaxies that comprise our Local Group, M31 commands the largest collection, with more than 500 confirmed globulars.
Bahrain has requested to buy 120 GMLRS M31 Unitary Rocket Pods (six rockets per pod for a total of 720) and 110 ATACMS M57 T2K Unitary Missiles.
The report added that the Manama regime has requested to buy 120 Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS) M31 Unitary Rocket Pods (six rockets per pod for a total of 720), and 110 Army Tactical Missiles System (ATACMS) M57 T2K Unitary missiles.
Boddington was correct in suggesting that the Model 12 is not the "perfect repeater." A member of the Air Force said that it broke down six to one when compared to the Remington M31 in training airmen.
According to HMRC, Manchester Sale Rugby Club Limited, trading as Sale Sharks, Trafford M31, failed to pay PS7,445.51 to one worker.
In a statement Thursday, NASA ascribed the finding to the black holes photobombing images of Andromeda (also called M31, after its position in the Messier catalog of non-cometary objects) that were taken by the agency's Chandra X-ray Observatory, as well as optical data collected from Earth-based telescopes in Hawaii and California.
Among the topics are the life and work of Hilmar Duerbeck, the M31 nova progenitor population, some aspects of optical observations of novae, the multi-dimensional modeling of nova outbursts, the nature of the symbiotic recurrent nova V407 Cygni, and the Large Observatory for X-ray timing (LOFT) as a candidate for an X-ray mission for the next decade.
Therefore, there will be moderate fog on M11 and M22, dense on M12, shallow on M21 and dense and moderate on M23 and M31 on the Motorway while moderate on N51, N54A and , shallow on N52A, N52B, N53A, N53B, N53C, N54A and N54B on the National Highway.
The constellation Andromeda arcs high across autumn's evening sky, offering a chance to enjoy views of our Milky Way Galaxy's nearest comparable neighbor: the spectacular Andromeda Galaxy, also known as Messier 31 (M31 for short).
"It was probably a supernova from the Andromeda galaxy (or galaxy M31) or from a satellite galaxy of M31", Tsangarides told CNA.