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See CRACIUN 2002 MAAD POLL, supra note 291, at 3-4.
During that time, the Anchorage community responded to help the Maads and to decry the vandalism and anti-Arab backlash.
MAAD FOR IT: Claymores running back Ahmaad Galloway is up for the action
Summary: MAAD, Jbeil: Students from several universities braved the bad weather Sunday to participate in a reforestation event in Maad, Jbeil, where they learned about reforestation techniques and planted trees in the pouring rain.
NEWCASTLE digital media agency MAAD Digital has introduced QR codes into a police campaign discouraging young motorists from using their phones while driving.
Pink Lane-based MAAD has developed an augmented reality programme using Flash technology to allow a user, with internet and webcam connection, to interact with a computer simulation.
Summary: MAAD, JBEIL: Many tourists headed to Lebanon are enthusiastic about getting a taste of the country's sights as well as its [noisy] sounds, while a minority are actually looking for peace and quiet.
MAAD, which is based in Newcastle' Pink Lane, was recruited by Surrey Police to spread its Operation Shield message to commuters and especially young people in the county.
ANTHONY McGRATH has joined Newcastle creative agency MAAD as a visual effects artist and animator.
Newcastle-based Multimedia, Animation and Design, MAAD, is to unveil its pioneering new marketing tool iStyle at next week's IT Works 2004 exhibition.