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Noun1.MCIA - an agency of the United States Marine Corps that provides responsive and broad intelligence support for the worldwide Marine Corps organizationMCIA - an agency of the United States Marine Corps that provides responsive and broad intelligence support for the worldwide Marine Corps organization
Marine Corps, United States Marine Corps, United States Marines, US Marine Corps, USMC - an amphibious division of the United States Navy
bureau, federal agency, government agency, agency, office, authority - an administrative unit of government; "the Central Intelligence Agency"; "the Census Bureau"; "Office of Management and Budget"; "Tennessee Valley Authority"
IC, Intelligence Community, National Intelligence Community, United States Intelligence Community - a group of government agencies and organizations that carry out intelligence activities for the United States government; headed by the Director of Central Intelligence
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Other passengers who may not pay for the international terminal fee are airline crew, diplomats, athletes who obtained official endorsement from the Philippine Sports Commission, Muslim passengers travelling to Mecca on Hajj, and any persons as may be specified by the MCIA in mutual agreement with GMCAC or 'as may be specified by legal requirement.
'AirAsia has been one of our most dynamic partners in developing international connectivity and we thank them for their continued support of MCIA and Cebu,' he added.
The veteran lawmaker said the runway capacity at MCIA "may only be sufficient until 2024."
GMCAC president Louie Ferrer said the first phase of renovations to Terminal 1, MCIA's domestic terminal, will be delivered within the third quarter.
Megawide commissioned its two national transport infrastructure projects last year, the MCIA Terminal 2 in July and the Paranaque Integrated Terminal Exchange (PITX) in November.
Abaya said the MCIA will be the first among several airports planned for construction by the Philippine government over the next several years.
To show just how much fun there is to be had on bikes of all sizes, the MCIA gave me a chance to go out on a test track on a variety of bikes, ranging from a little Suzuki DR125SM to the amazing KTM 990 SMR.
The MCIA has now joined calls for the Bank of England to reduce interest rates in order to boost confidence and stabilise the economy.
The MCIA reckons the sector was held steady by the growth of Far Eastern models.
Samantha Tyson-Evans, MCIA's spokesperson, said: 'Bikes and scooters offer an economical, convenient and stylish way of travelling.